Spire Virtual Experience

2022 Spire Conference Virtual Experience

The SpireConference 2022 Virtual Experience will allow church teams and participants to login, view and virtually participate in SpireConference 2022 at the Orlando World Center Marriott  September 27-29, 2022.

Three days of the nation’s best speakers on ministry, leadership and team building will speak at the main sessions of SpireConference 2022 and it’s all just around the corner. If you weren’t able to travel, register and be present for the gathering, there is still a way that you can participate, connect and share in the three days of great content through the Virtual Experience.

Select your preferred option below to either view the LIVE sessions through our Virtual Experience LIVE option, or select Virtual Experience PLUS and gain access to all the sessions, both LIVE and on-demand after the conference has concluded. Spire Virtual Experience PLUS will allow you to access ALL the great speakers and content broadcast in the main sessions throughout 2022 and into 2023.

Experience SpireConference together as a team or share timely talks and speaker presentations with team members throughout the year.

When you register for the Spire Virtual Experience LIVE or Virtual Experience PLUS, you will receive notice of purchase. Then, a few days before the event, login instructions and links to access the LIVE video feed will be emailed to you. On-demand access will be provided following the conclusion of the conference.

Select your preferred Virtual Experience option by clicking on the link below and enjoy being a part of SpireConference 2022.