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2022 Spireconference Global LEADERS VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE

The SpireConference Global Leaders 2022 Virtual Experience will allow international ministry leaders and teams to login, view and virtually participate in SpireConference 2022 at the Orlando World Center Marriott  September 27-29, 2022  – FREE OF CHARGE.

Three days of great speakers on ministry, leadership and team building will present at the main sessions of SpireConference 2022 and its FREE with a special pass for Global Leaders.  This year, SpireConference Virtual Experience will broadcast all main sessions translated in Spanish.

If you are or know a Global ministry leader who needs to experience SpireConference in English or translated into Spanish, please securely register their email address below and a few days before the event, login instructions and links to access the LIVE video feed and translation will be emailed FREE OF CHARGE.

Global Leaders – enjoy being a part of SpireConference 2022.