If you have been a partner, sponsor or exhibitor at past conferences, or if you want to partner with Spire in a new way, please express your interest by joining Spire as a Partner and filling out the form to the right.

As a Spire Partner, you will have the opportunity to interact with thousands of leaders representing thousands of congregations from around the country as either a Spire Network Sponsor or SpireConference Exhibitor. Exhibitors will need to complete an application. We will provide regular updates to you regarding details of how you can expand with Spire.

Partners – Partners are any organizations with a likeminded ministry heartbeat that both support the goals and objectives of The Spire Network and have a desire to accelerate a Movement of Healthy Growing Churches by encouraging and equipping its leaders.

Sponsors – Sponsors make The Spire Network, Spire Platform, and SpireConference possible. Unique access and contribution opportunities allow Spire Network Sponsors to provide resources and equipping to the full network of leaders across several access points. Whether it’s providing training or mentoring opportunities for leaders on The Spire Platform, providing special connection or training opportunities at SpireConference, equipping leaders with published resources or through publications like SpireLeader or exercising a position of influence to help grow congregations throughout the country through SpireInsights, Sponsors are champions of the church and chief accelerators of the movement. Please indicate your desire to receive a Sponsor Prospectus when signing up to be a Spire Partner on the adjacent form.

Exhibitors – SpireConference offers a unique opportunity to exhibit your partnering organization or company at the annual SpireConference. Exhibition space is limited, and all Exhibitors must be aware that exhibiting at SpireConference is LESS about you, your organization or company, and MORE about how you, your organization or company can: 1) Help a leader grow, 2) Help a leader’s team grow, and 3) Help a leader’s church grow. The sale or display of merchandise, resources or products at an exhibit must be approved in advance. They will be considered inappropriate if they do not support one of these three prerogatives. The Spire Network reserves the right to refuse exhibition space or the sale of inappropriate products for any reason at any time.

As SpireConference is all about encouraging and equipping leaders to produce healthy growing churches, prospective Exhibitors must submit an application complete with details on how they specifically plan to deliver value to leaders, the leader’s teams or aid in helping church growth as a result of their participation at SpireConfernce. Space for Exhibitors at SpireConference 2019 is limited. Please indicate your desire to receive an Exhibitor application when signing up to be a Spire Partner on the adjacent form.

Become a Spire Partner