a new approach to exhibiting at the spireconference

SpireConference offers a unique opportunity to exhibit your organization or company at the annual SpireConference. The look and feel of the exhibit area is being designed to create conversation and networking, rather than the typical conference exhibit experience. Exhibitors will have access to leaders in Christ’s Church, both vocational and volunteer, and will be seeking to offer solutions for ministry.

In Spire’s desire to provide a new approach, exhibitors must be aware that exhibiting at SpireConference is LESS about you, your organization or company, and MORE about how you, your organization or company can: 1) Help a leader grow, 2) Help a leader’s team grow, and 3) Help a leader’s church grow. As a result, the sale or display of merchandise, resources or products at an exhibit must be approved in advance. Partners wishing to exhibit at SpireConference will be considered inappropriate for exhibiting if they do not support at least one of these three objectives. The Spire Network reserves the right to refuse exhibition space or the sale of inappropriate products for any reason at any time.

SpireConference is all about encouraging and equipping leaders to produce healthy growing churches. Prospective Exhibitors must submit an application complete with details on how they specifically plan to deliver value to leaders, the leader’s teams or aid in helping church growth as a result of their participation at SpireConfernce. Your response submitted on the application regarding the value your organization provides will be published to conference attendees to facilitate their visit to your booth. Space for Exhibitors at SpireConference 2019 is limited and will accommodate approximately 75 organizations.

If you desire to exhibit at the Spire Conference you will need to click on the Button below. You will be taken to an Application Form that must be completed in full. Once submitted, the form will be evaluated by Spire personnel to determine if your product or service meets one or more of the three criteria stated above. If you are refused exhibition space you are still invited to established a partnership with Spire as you will have opportunities to establish a presence with Church leaders in other forums that may be made available. If your exhibitor application is accepted, you will receive an invitation email with instructions on how to proceed to our Exhibitor registration site to make your booth selection. The booth you select will be the booth assigned to you.

If you have any questions regarding the exhibit parameters prior to starting your application, please feel free to email us at team@spire.network. Thank you for your interest in The Spire Network and the 2019 SpireConference.